5 Things To Consider When Re-Designing Your Kitchen!

by Sam Shaw

So you’ve taken the first leap and decided your old kitchen is not working for you anymore and you fancy re-designing your kitchen. You want a new dynamic space like you’ve seen in the magazines, where the kitchen is square shaped with a central island, surrounded by pots and pans, a culinary delight! But where do you even begin? Whether you are having an extension or just redesigning an existing room, these five things will help you along your way to that magazine kitchen;

1. Who?

Consider who will be using the space, is it just for yourself, do you have a partner, a lodger, are there any children? What about pets? Do you really want to be mopping that sparkling cream floor everyday to remove the evidence of muddy paws and boots? If you have lodgers you may need to design space for multiples of appliances, to comfortably cater for the amount of people utilising the space. Considering WHO you are designing this space for is a key starting point in developing a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Where?

Location is key. Is the kitchen that you are designing the heart of the home, a room where everyone walks through and congregates, or is it off to the side, a room just for the chef. If your kitchen is a commuter space – by which I mean you walk through it to get to other rooms of your home but not necessarily stopping in the kitchen – consider the movement paths that people create as they move through the space. Do not obstruct these walkways with worktops or appliances, as this will make commuting to other spaces difficult and annoying. You want to aim to continue free movement through the space where possible. Alternatively, if your kitchen is a room users tend to collect in and socialise, consider designing in some seating space, for onlookers to sit and talk without being in the way of the chef of the house.

Most people make the mistake of copying a kitchen they like, rather than designing something that suits their own space

3. What?

What kind of kitchen suits your personal and home style? Is your house a big country manor or a London cutting edge flat. Is it a cosy cottage or prime penthouse? Remaining in keeping with your buildings heritage and overall look can be important. A country kitchen complete with a solid fuel aga is not what you would expect walking in to a city centre penthouse, and may not be functional because of that. Equally, it is important to have a kitchen that is in keeping with your personal style, a space that you love, and is part of your home as opposed to just a functional room. A marriage of these two points will be sure to create a space that works for you but also works for your home.

4. Timeline.

How long are you planning to keep this kitchen? Do you intend to move soon or would you consider yourself a serial decorator? In either of these cases consider a kitchen that can be easily adapted, for example, having appliances that are not built in can allow for you to change your kitchens style or layout without needing to purchase new fridges/freezer etc. not only saving you money but saving waste of perfectly good appliances. Likewise, if you plan to move home in the near future, appliances that are not built in will offer you the chance to take these with you. If you are considering moving home, be sure to design a kitchen that will appeal to new potential buyers, a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen can be the difference between a house being on the market for a week and a year.

5. Size Doesn’t Matter.

How big is your space? Don’t be discouraged if your kitchen doesn’t offer you all the space you have dreamt of. Some of the best designers have spent their time looking at ways of maximizing the potential of small spaces, designing storage into every possible nook and cranny, leaving no space unused, and allowing your small kitchen to fulfill its potential. If you do have a small kitchen, be realistic, get your ideas and inspiration from other small kitchens, you would be surprised how big a space can seem with a few crafty storage ideas! Think big!

So you think you are ready to get designing? Remember to consider these five points and you will be well on your way to that dream kitchen, whether small or large, you will have the tools to create a space that works for you, your guests and the house as a whole. Good Luck!

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