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by Olga Alexandru

Recently we sat down altogether as a company to talk about the future and create a collective vision for Sustainable Kitchens. Having expanded so rapidly in the last year it made sense to get everyone together to make sure everyone had a hand in guiding the future of the company. From the designers to the installation team everyone had an equal say in developing the company values. We were able to share ideas for the future, discuss what has worked well and look to the future. We were split up into groups of 4-5 and worked as a team to come up with the things that matter to us the most. The conversations ranged from what we wanted from each other as coworkers to how we wanted to work with clients to our responsibility to the planet. Here’s what we came up with:

Company Values infographic

It was also a great opportunity to also share our individual highlights from the past year. The answers ranged from hilarious to touching. Newcomer Mike shared that his highlight was starting the job and immediately feeling welcomed to the point where even his wife noticed how much happier he was! A person who shall not be named mentioned that their highlight was finding out that we are getting a new dishwasher in the staff room…whatever makes you happy I guess 😉


It wasn’t all serious though! We had a fun team building activity trying to make the tallest freestanding structure out of newspaper and masking tap in 10 minutes.


There was a fun competitive spirit with everyone quickly rushing to build the tallest structure. As with any successful project there was planning and delegation with each person contributing.


There was a rush to the finish line between teams 2 and 4 but in the end team 4 came out as the victors.


Coming together as a company and planning for the future, defining our company values and sharing our highlights was an inspirational experience that we all benefitted from! We’re so excited for what’s around the corner. Onwards!

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