Electric dreams

by Sam Shaw

It’s all go at it woodwork we are busy making and installing none stop, which is exactly how we like it! Sam is certainly racking up the miles in his little green van, yesterday he was in Malmesbury, then Bristol, and Chepstow, and tonight Box Hill. Sam is the Director of it woodwork and he is the first port of call for all design and build enquiries. We are a small team and Sam personally visits all of our clients at their home to talk through exactly what they want, whether it’s a kitchen made of reclaimed wood, a larder cabinet, or a fitted wardrobe, he provides every client with numerous design suggestions to ponder before his second visit.

Whilst racking up all these miles we have been dreaming that one day it wood work will have a fleet of electric vehicles, for now we are stuck with diesel but it surely can’t be long? I wonder if ecotricity and ‘nemesis’ have made electric cars seem sexier? Sexier will mean cheaper won’t it? Sam was up in the North East the other day (his home in a previous life) and they lead the way on electric vehicles in public transport, it’s so common place and it has been a fantastic way of normalising the use of electric vehicles. I have no idea where we are up to with this in Bristol, there was talk of a super tram, talk of electric buses (perhaps i have seen one or two of those now) and it’s a never ending topic that both sam and charlie could bore the pants of anyone about – Bristol roads, bad traffic, bike lanes blah blah perhaps something is happening right under our noses and we are just stuck in traffic not realising it – we hope so?!?!

If only we could put our kitchens in a bike trailer….in the mean time look out for the house and tree in the relentless traffic about town in Bristol and beyond!

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