Ideal Home Show 2017

by Olga Alexandru

The Ideal Home Show was beyond inspiring! It was our first time there and we were overwhelmed by the amount of things there were to see and do. We gravitated towards the Home Improvements and Interiors sections in the beginning seeing these as a natural fit. We were surprised to find some interesting overlaps in the Technology and Gardens sections with things like virtual reality and the show homes. Here’s a recap of some of the most interesting things we saw:

Smart Technology

There were so many companies exhibiting smart technology solutions from the home security controlled by remote control to a smart home system all connected through your boiler. By far the most ‘interesting’ one was the smart toilet.

Smart Toilet with lid closed Smart Toilet with lid open

This toilet had it all. Heated seat with built in touch sensors, a personal spray washer and a retractable dryer; this is the toilet of the future. We can imagine this toilet in an ultra sleek and modern house surrounded by other smart technology. It’s an interesting idea but we’ll wait to see if it catches on with the public.


We are big proponents of recycling, up-cycling and re-purposing whenever possible. When we came across Eco Flooring UK we knew we found a company with a similar ethos to us.

Eco Flooring UK Stall and Ideal Home Show

With a focus on ethically sourced wood we could tell they are committed not just to beautiful flooring but sustainability. They salvage wood that would otherwise have gone to the landfill or been thrown out and transform it into gorgeous reclaimed flooring. On top of all that they also do restoration so if you have wood flooring that has seen better days but you can’t bear to part with it’s worth speaking to them about it and seeing what they can do.

Insinkerator sink with hot water tap

Food waste is a massive problem in the world and especially in the UK. We found a company at the Ideal Home Show that was tackling this problem in a clever way. Their food waste disposer InSinkErator are using food scraps and turning it into fertilizer. The food is first ground up using the mechanism (which is surprisingly quiet) after which it’s sent through to wastewater treatment. It ends up being used to produce biogas and fertilizer for agriculture. This method can help reduce harmful greenhouse gases and can be used for renewable energy.

Display Homes

21st Century Cottage at Ideal Home Show

It was well worth the queue to see the 21st Century Cottage! From the outside it looked very traditional down to the thatched roof but inside it was a different story. The interiors were gorgeously decorated with deep colours miles removed from the country. In particular the kitchen and the living room stood out.

Living Room in the 21st Century Cottage Kitchen in 21st Century Cottage

Both of the rooms felt vibrant with the use of yellow, purple and green. In the kitchen the exposed brick gave a nod to the cottage style while the rest of the kitchen was contemporary with gorgeous yellow highlights. The living room was wild and bright full of colour and texture, a perfect way to bring the cosiness of the cottage into the 21st century.

Good Homes also had their roomsets on display with each room styled in a different way. Naturally we were curious about the kitchen and fell in love with this traditional style from Laura Ashley.

Laura Ashley kitchen is Good Homes roomset

The dark base cabinets and wood worktops create a warm traditional feeling. The light coloured glazed cabinets display beautiful glass and tableware. We love the turqouise tongue and groove panel with the peg rails. It adds a colourful twist to a beautiful kitchen.


It wasn’t all work! We had some time to play and we scoped out some cool gadgets that we would love to have. Here’s our favourites:

Seeing the Seren Toaster we definitely had a lightbulb why-hasn’t-anyone-done-this-before moment.

Seren toaster

This side loading toaster is genius. It toasts bread more efficiently and evenly. So your daily toast and jam is slightly better for the environment! And we can’t help but love the slightly futurist Jetsons-style design. A win in all areas!

This hand-activated dispensing system seems pretty luxurious considering it’s not essential. We tried out the small version but they have rubbish bins with this same technology making it extremely useful.

IMAG1555 IMAG1556

A magic wave of the hand is all it takes and your cuppa is seconds away!

Made in the UK this bicycle helmet is something else! The Headkayse One is completely flexible and folds flat to be about 10 cm. Made out of a material called enkayse it is extremely durable.

Headkayse One bicycle helmet

It can resist multiple impact and still work just as well afterwards. It can fit any size head without the need for pads. Sounds like a winner for everyone in the family!

We pounded the pavement hard at the Ideal Home Show! We were inspired by the creativity and innovation on display. We gained some insider knowledge and can’t wait to apply these to our own homes and help our clients with theirs.

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