How to incorporate colour in a kitchen design

by Olga Alexandru

On a scale from one to ten, how much do you like the way your kitchen looks? People tend to spend so much time in their kitchens, but they seldom like the way the room looks. This is where you prepare your meals and unless you are happy in your kitchen, meal preparation can turn into something mechanic and empty, rather than a creative and interesting process. Here are a few easy tips to turn your boring old kitchen into a pretty little work of art.

Colourful details

If you keep some of the herbs in your kitchen and within reach, plant them in colourful pots. Bright green of fresh basil and peppermint goes wonderfully with deep red and orange pots. You can also buy some interesting kitchen appliances which will be a form of decoration on the counter. Change the colour of the curtains on the windows – this little detail will completely transform the entire room. Use green or blue curtains made of light materials which will soften the light that comes through the window during the day.

Herb plants in jars on wooden table

Prettiest walls

One of the easiest redecoration techniques is painting the walls into a bright colour. The wall behind the sink and the stove is the one which ‘suffers’ the most. If painting that particular wall is too much trouble for you, you can try using wonderful glass splashbacks instead. Not only are these super easy to clean and maintain, but they come in a variety of lovely patterns, designs, and colours. This way, you will not have to worry about oil and water stains on your freshly painted walls at all.

kitchen with a central island topped in concrete with Orange glass spalshback over the range cooker

The doors

The door to this room in a house tend to be overlooked because they are usually kept wide open. A simple trick of repainting the kitchen door will give a new life to the room. If kitchen door are too inconvenient to paint, paint cabinet doors instead (or use stickers to decorate them). You can also change the knobs on the cabinets and use the ones which are not only of different colour, but shape as well. Think about having spoons or rocks for knobs – interesting and fresh, but at the same time simple and frugal.

Colour paint palette

Comfortable chairs

Chairs are here to be functional, but it is not bad for them to be stylish at the same time, isn’t it? Buying a new set of kitchen chairs seems like an inviting idea – it’s the easiest way to make a change. However, if buying new ones seems like an expensive idea, you can simply repaint your old chairs. Orange or yellow chairs would brighten up any kitchen. You can also add colourful cushions if you want, or simply tie a couple of pretty ribbons to the back of your chairs.

Black surfaces? Why not!

Black is not a very popular choice for kitchens, but it can be a great one if you carefully choose where and how to incorporate it. Paint a part of your walls with blackboard paint and use chalks to redecorate your walls with pretty drawings or sayings. You can even use it to write down a new recipe or leave a note for a family member.

Just like when you prepare your meals, it’s important to be creative when decorating the kitchen as well. Let your imagination loose and be as playful as ever – you never know what brilliant ideas may come to your mind once you start redecorating. When you finish, you will be surprised how much brighter the entire house will be simply because your kitchen became a colourful oasis.

Author Bio:

Amelia Atkins is an editor on the site Smooth Decorator and has been enjoying working in the area of interior design in the past several years.

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