Interior Trends in 2017

by Olga Alexandru

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So the New Year is upon us and with that brings with a sense of freshness and renewal in all aspects of our lives. Our interiors are often a reflection of our personalities so with the interior trends in 2017 we expect people to be feeling calm, vibrant and earthy.

We’ve gathered the interior trends in 2017 from trade shows, blogs and our own customers. These trends are not written in stone but more patterns and natural flows that we’ve been seeing. Without further ado, here are our picks for interior trends in 2017:


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The colours you surround yourself in make such a difference. This year we’re going to see two major trends in paint: dark pastels and jewel tones. The dark pastels trend started mid last year and when Dulux chose Denim Drift as their colour of the year we weren’t surprised. It’s a gorgeous colour that’s related to the subdued pastel trend that we saw at trade shows. This is also linked to the grey trend that maintains its popularity. The new grey will be muted yet a lot brighter than the previous iteration. Jewel tones are also on trend this year. Rich greens, blues, and oranges will add that extra pop of colour to any room. For the people who love bright this is the direction they’ll be going.


Single hangin industrial lightbulb

The biggest trend in lighting that we’ve seen this year, especially when we visited 100% Design, was the industrial aesthetic. Whether it was an exposed light bulb with visible filament hanging from a wire or a metallic pendant industrial lighting has been making waves for a while now and we think 2017 will be no different. The industrial look has been pared with vintage and rustic items for a trendy feel. We suspect we’ll see more geometric patterns thrown into the mix as well.


Wooden bench with metal frame

Many trend blogs have predicted the return of materials like cork and terra cotta but we’ll have to wait and see! Something we have definitely seen rise in popularity is exposed and unfinished wood. This might have to do with the return to nature that has be resurfacing. There’s a high demand for natural fabrics and raw, earthy materials. People are more interested in sustainability which is why ideas like upcycling have taken off. People want to mix the old with the new to create a vintage and rustic vibe. They want their materials to look used and loved.


Close up of plywood drawer cabinet with brushed stainless steel worktop

This is obviously our bread and butter so we’ve been observing new trends quite closely. One big trend that’s been up and coming is plywood kitchens. Linked to the trend of unfinished wood, plywood has been on the lips of many of our clients. It’s a quality, eco-friendly material that looks great. Modular kitchens are also rising in popularity. Many companies have been building compact and modular kitchen units at a time when living spaces are getting smaller and smaller. There are many clever solutions and it makes sense from a sustainability perspective to take your furniture with you when you move. One interesting thing to watch our for this year is the apparent backlash against open plan living spaces. Some people are forecasting that people will once again want to section off their living, dining and kitchen space.

One thing’s for sure: 2017 will be an interesting year on so many levels. It’ll be interesting to see how interiors change due to the cultural shifts happening. We’ll have to see which of our predictions for the interior trends of 2017 come true.


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