Recycling Kitchens

by Sarah Preece

Here at Sustainable Kitchens we produce new kitchens using sustainable materials; this enables our customers to have beautifully crafted bespoke products without the conscience dampening repercussions. Furthermore, within that process there are continued layers of sustainable practices we thought you might like to know about. Previously mentioned in our blog, these include the use of offcuts to heat our workshop and more substantial pieces donated to the Scrapstore charity. What we haven’t told you about yet is the story of the old used and removed kitchens from customers houses and how these are being up-cycled to provide a kitchen gift to the extra resourceful.




The Freecycle Network™ is a great nonprofit movement that offers its 9,109,560 members a chance to reuse and re-home other peoples unwanted items at no cost, to prevent the waste and disposal of these items in landfills across the world. We fully support this practice and within our work facilitate the movement and exchange, by removing old kitchens as whole reusable pieces and offering them to the Freecycle community for no cost.



An Example Case


IMG_2520IMG_2526This is a customer’s original kitchen, one they planned to remove to make room for a new bespoke design tailored to their tastes. Of course it looks perfectly functional and this is why it would be an enormous shame to just landfill and not utilise such a product. This is where Freecycle plays it part, by listing it on the website we were able to find a new home for the kitchen…












Steve SmithIMG_0348After

Once stripped from the original room, we listed the kitchen in a local group on the Freecycle website and it was quickly snapped up. Re-homed in a renovation project it created the perfect new kitchen space for someone keen to make use.


This kind of recycling is a perfect way to counter the increasing amount of waste our society creates. Freecycle is a useful site for not only kitchens but tonnes of other items you many be looking to get rid of, or also look for. Take a look at the website for  more information here:

If you have any further questions please email:


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