Running a Sustainable business

by Lindsay Anderson

Sam and Charlie founded IT woodwork out of a love for fine quality woodwork and the natural environment. Our ethos for ethical, sustainably sourced materials has made us who we are today, but using sustainable materials is only part of what we do. We also run our company in as sustainable a way as possible and believe that all businesses should do what they can to be honest and ethical.

We use a biomass boiler to heat our workshop, wood offcuts are used to fire the boiler along with packaging such as cardboard from deliveries – nothing is wasted!

We do still need to use electricity to power our office and workshop, so we use Ecotricity, 100% of the electricity that we use is made from renewable sources; the wind, sea and sun.

Wood off cuts are re-purposed into furniture and equipment for our office and kitchen. We recently made stools from plywood off cuts for our communal staff room. Plywood off cuts were made into brackets for shelving in our office and even our filing trays are made from plywood off cuts.


We wanted to give back to local communities so we donate our wood off cuts to Children’s Scrapstore, a local Bristol based children’s charity that re purpose waste things into play things.

We recycle all our staff personal waste in our staff kitchen with separate recycling bins for paper, metal, plastic and glass.

recycling bins

We like to look after our staff so we provide a range of teas and coffees to keep us refreshed. We buy all our provisions from Essential Trading, an organic and Fairtrade cooperative based in Bristol we also make sure we use Eco friendly cleaning products as much as possible.

We’d love to do more, so if you have any ideas or other ways to be sustainable let us know.

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