The Locals Cookbook

by Sarah Preece


localsHere at Sustainable Kitchens we’re forever looking forward with an open mind. Knowingly doing so because time has taught us this is what paves the way to new and exciting paths. New and exciting is definitely one way to describe our new partnership; mouthwatering, taste-bud teasing and totally tantalising are others.

Jon Lewin on a beach

We first met Jon Lewin a few months ago, when his laid back charm and incredible food wowed us to a point where simple interest would not suffice. We wanted to collaborate, to combine business direction and styles to create something special. Years full of travel, exploration, relaxation, relationships, passions, photography, sun, sea and…. FOOD have led Jon and therefore us to this point – The incredibly inspiring  launch of The Locals Cookbook.


IMG_8148With a back catalogue of recipes too large to process and a wealth of local knowledge developed through experiences, Jon Lewin has so much to offer – one book could never be enough. He’s had to compartmentalise his knowledge, organising cuisines by location and sharing with us the travel highlights from each beautiful country he’s experienced on top.


As if this all isn’t enough, Jon is a keen and skilful photographer, carefully capable of catching the essence of his experience and this often presenting itself within the most sincere and established of relationships with the locals. His photographs perhaps show us a personal insight into a simpler world, less known but equally fascinating.

In this edition of The Locals Cookbook Jon focusses his attention on Sri Lanka- a place he has a strong connection with after continuously visiting and surfing for 10 years now. Meet the people he calls not only friends but family; learn their way of life and how their passion for food has inspired Jon to work towards publishing this incredible book…


Exclusive Preview: Spiced Chickpeas with Fresh Coconut

Enjoy this healthy and delicious street food from The Locals Cookbook – Prepare this dish in just 10 minutes – minimum effort maximum pay off!

recipe page 2









Buy your copy of The Locals Cookbook today from:

10% of any profits will be given back to the locals that generously shared these experiences!



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