What do we mean by bespoke?

by Olga Alexandru

What do we mean by bespoke?

The word gets thrown around a lot but we wanted to share what we mean by bespoke and how we achieve bespoke kitchen design here at Sustainable Kitchens.

In short bespoke means custom made or made to order. What does this mean for a kitchen?

Every kitchen we build is different. Because there are no standard sizes for our cabinets this allows us to create something that is specifically tailored and sized perfectly to the client and their needs. As a result we get interesting briefs from extra tall cabinets to fit high ceilings to a single width island for a limited space. We’ve done it all! The shape, height, length, width and colour of our cabinets, islands, worktops and shelves are all changeable elements that depend on the client. We experiment with stains to achieve the perfect colour for a worktop. We create custom fitted knife block inserts. We  design bespoke canopies to disguise extractors. Just to name a few. We work around the existing space to find functional and beautiful, bespoke solutions. It’s the best way to maximise space and create efficiency. For us bespoke denotes craft, precision and tailoring which end with the client getting the most out of their space. 

Here’s our 3 favourite bespoke elements we’ve designed:

The Bonkers Cabinet

Detail of cabinet with small wooden drawers in ash, walnut, beech, and yew

We created this one of a kind alcove dresser after the client expressed her love of arts and crafts and the need to have different sized drawers and cabinets. The combination of different woods, drawers and cabinets meant this was truly a one of a kind design.

The Moveable Island

Front view of brushed stainless steel and plywood floating island

This island was made moveable and put on industrial castors to facilitate the cooking classes our client runs from her home. The stainless steel worktop and slatted cupboard doors were designed with food preparation in mind.

The Oak Crates

Bespoke oak crate drawers in shaker style oak kitchen

These custom made oak crates are one of our most talked about features (and our personal favourite!) This kitchen has very high ceilings for which we created extra tall cabinets  but because our clients wanted their food easily accessible we created these pull out crates, perfect storage for pasta, pulses and other ambient food.

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