What’s Rhys up to?

by Sam Shaw

Last week we tweeted about some rather explosive experiments happening in the workshop, I thought I should elaborate on the goings on with Rhys and the workshop folk so not to cause concern about exploding furniture! Rhys – our fine furniture specialist is making some curved doors for our latest bath kitchen commission, in order to make curves he is using our latest piece of tooling ‘a vacuum press’ which I’m reliably informed enables people to make wood into shapes through the power of atmospheric pressure. Embarking on making the first door Rhys made himself a former and set about finding out what eight tonnes per square metre of pressure ACTUALLY means. Rhys made a strong former that was evidently not strong enough and ten tonnes of pressure imploded the former inside the vacuum bag! Luckily Rhys is quite a skilled and speedy worker and knocked up another stronger former in no time, so he could start working on the beautiful curved doors which will be finished over the next few weeks. The rest of the workshop team were simply bowled over with the immense power of atmospheric pressure (I have a feeling they were the type who burned things with bunsen burners at school) Anyway more up dates from the world of Rhys soon.

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