Cotswold Eco House, the kitchen installation begins!

by Sam Shaw

We are really excited this week as we finally began the installation of what is a very experimental kitchen for us in the lovely eco house in Whiteshill in the Cotswolds.

We have been closely watching the progress of this new build all year and were thrilled to hear the results of the air tightness test last week; 0.72!For those who don’t know it involves taping a calibrated fan into the doorway and sucking as much air out of the property as possible before timing how long it takes to get drawn back in through all the tiny cracks and spaces in the building, any score below 1 is great news!
Anyway; here is a tantalising look at the kitchen after a single day of installation and with poor old Charlie beavering away alone too. the Dinesen boards all covered in our protective floor shield are really special and just wait until you see the feature floating shelf built from the flooring material and the stainless cube industrial island, so watch this space for the big reveal!

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