We design with functionality and beauty in equal proportions whilst using only the very finest quality materials.

A close up shot of how our dovetail joints fit together.

Traditional dovetailed drawers

Our solid sustainable wooden drawers with proper dovetail joints and a thick plywood base travel on 60kg runners that fully extend so you can easily grab your heaviest dishes right from the back.

The dovetail is the strongest joint in woodwork and has been used for hundreds of years to build beautiful solid furniture.

For a more detailed analysis of our drawers please take a look at our blog: ‘Our Drawers‘.

All our plywood thickness's stacked together to form a plywood block.

Robust carcasses

Most companies use fibreboard such as MDF or Chipboard for their carcasses which sag and swell over time. We use high grade plywood with 13 layers of Birch glued together in opposite directions resulting in a strong and stable board that will not sag, swell or crack over the years.

We then glue and screw our carcasses together before finishing in a tough matte lacquer retaining the natural beauty of the wood.

An unpainted door frame and door showing our brass hinges.

Luxuriously thick Oak doors and frames

Our doors and frames are built from solid Oak 25mm thick with a 30mm tenon.  Being Oak our doors are much harder and denser than the Poplar favoured by almost all high end kitchen companies where screws often loosen over time and dents are all too common.

The deep and distinctive Oak grain will show through the hand painted finish meaning our painted cupboards retain the soul of the timber underneath.


one of our painted door frames showing off our brass hinges.

Solid brass hinges and never-fail door closures

Beautiful and robust brass hinges combined with our innovative soft magnetic door closures ensure you’ll never need to ask us back to repair sagging doors or broken catches.

A sample piece of our oak worktop.

Sustainable wide board worktops

We build all our wooden worktops here in our Bristol workshop from wide boards of sustainable hardwood such as Oak and Maple carefully selecting each piece to marry grain and tone.

An ebonised oak hood

Special Finishes Disclaimer

We take great pride in the materials we use and as we use natural materials such as Oak there will be variations of grain texture and colour and this is part of its allure as a product. These differences vary from board to board so you may notices differences between different sections of your furniture. Mineral streaks or unusual graining are considered to be characteristic of natural wood and will not be considered to be a defect or reason for replacement.

The samples we provide are a close colour representation of what the overall finish will look like and is not meant to match exactly to your worktop or furniture finish. The materials we use are completely natural and we are unable invisage how each material will react to the applied finish or stain. We apply all finishes by hand and with the artistic nature of a hand finish along with the unpredictable reaction of natural or manufactured wood the overall finish can seem unbalanced or inconsistent. You can expect the finish to look different if you are having the finish across different areas of your furniture due to the natural characteristics of the materials we use.

Discolouration: All finishes are susceptible to discolouration due to oxidation and other particles that can affect the exposed furniture such as cooking, grilling, smoke, fireplaces. All colour characteristics of wood & metal will change as it ages. Prolonged exposure to natural or artificial light and or moisture may alter the finish colour as well. Touch up or replacement items completed after installation may not result in an exact colour/finish match due to discolouration

Due to these natural and environmental factors, you will understand why It Woodwork Limited cannot be responsible for naturally occurring changes experienced with your furniture.

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