Freestanding or fitted cooker?

by Sam Shaw

Now some people absolutely know that they want a range cooker and for others there is no question that they need integrated eye-level ovens, but what about the rest of us sitting in the middle and looking for answers. We regularly get asked whether it would be better to opt for a freestanding or a fitted cooker so here are a few handy tips to help you with decide.

Well the first question is really one of cost; which is the least expensive approach? Or putting it another way; which is the most cost effective approach? Well we would argue that a freestanding cooker is the most cost effective way forward because although the cookers themselves may be more expensive, I mean there is more to them; more stainless steel to wrap around all those visible parts, they actually require less in the way of kitchen furniture. What I mean is a fitted oven requires not only a whole cabinet to fit your oven into but also an extra 60cm of worktop typically with a hob cut-out too.

There are other questions too, I mean what about if you don’t plan to stay in your house for too long; are you buying a cooker to add value to your home when you sell it or is it worth taking it with you? Well some cookers and particularly ranges are designed to last a lifetime and it is worth taking these with you when you move. The fabulously designed Everhot cookers are a good example; their classic 60cm model, running entirely on electricity and using such low power they plug in with a standard 13 amp plug, then why not take it with you when you move. The other big advantage of course it that your Everhot will also provide you with heating for your home during the colder months.

Everhot 60 stove



Finally; how about what looks better visually? Well traditionally a freestanding cooker is a more suitable look for a traditional kitchen and integrated ovens work better in more contemporary spaces but what we realise is that this should not necessarily be governed by whether your home is of a traditional or contemporary style. For a truly bespoke kitchen that is unique to you then have a go at mixing up your styles because trust me; it does work!


Blue shaker style kitchen with bright yellow cooker

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