Maximising Kitchen Storage Part 2 – Designing storage into a new kitchen

by Jane Denton

Kitchen Storage Part 2

As a follow on from Maximising Kitchen Storage Part 1, this part 2 looks at the space saving techniques that may be useful to those having a new kitchen.


With so many space saving gadgets on the market, many of which function with a new kitchen, designing storage into a new kitchen can be much easier than trying to source space from an existing kitchen. So if you are fortunate enough to be having a new kitchen, here are a few tips to make sure the design of your new space really does use its size to its full potential!


Full height cupboards. Need I say anymore. If you are short on cupboard space, why waste a foot between the top of your cupboards and the ceiling. No one likes dead space, and by continuing your cupboards right up to the ceiling, the space becomes usable. Even if you cannot reach the top shelf from the floor, store things up there you don’t use very often, so that getting those steps or a chair out every once in while is not an annoyance.

full height cupboards

When it comes to the types of cupboards to have, there are many many more choices than just ‘wall’ or ‘floor’ cupboards. Always wanted a pantry but just not had the room? A pull out pantry can provide shed loads of storage, with easy access to even the smallest things hiding at the back. Likewise, the typical spice cupboard – that wall cupboard next to the cooker that every time you open it you become the victim of dried basil and packets of casserole mix falling on your head – can be easily made functional with a pull out spice rack.


An island or butchers block can be a great addition to any kitchen, large or small. In the larger kitchen, an island breaks up vast central space, and also provides additional worktop and storage. A smaller kitchen may opt for a butchers block on wheels that can be moved around so as not to be in the way but still providing very valuable worktop space when needed, as well as many having the option of a drawer or shelving within them.

butchers block

The appliances you put into your kitchen and how big these appliances are can be a typical way of wasting space, but with careful consideration, it can also be a way of claiming back those extra centimetres. Many dishwashers, hobs, ovens and fridge/ freezers come in varying dimensions, many are very large and take up a vast amount of space. However, consider a size that works for you, you may like to cook large meals and so a bigger oven is needed, however, if it is just you and a partner or friend to cater for, do you really need a full width American style fridge freezer? How long does it take you to fill the dishwasher before it gets put on to wash? A slimline dishwasher can be a brilliant space saver for smaller houses.

If you really want to go all out and claim back those centimetres, an undermounted sink removes the need for the wasted space under the edge of the sink. Sink covers that can be placed over the sink when not in use, transform it into additional worktop space, vital for those smaller kitchens, or any kitchen where worktop is in short supply.

undermounted sink

With many types of appliances, cabinetry and layouts to choose from, it is vital that you shop around when looking for a new kitchen. Utilising a kitchen designer can be a great place to begin, tell them your requirements, a need to maximise space is becoming more and more common, and they will do their utmost to provide you with practical modern solutions.

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