Barney Moore

Barney grew up near Stroud and after studying Art and Design at A Level, he went on to do a degree in Product & Furniture Design in London. The course had practical hands on elements as well as a more conceptual side which gave Barney a varied outlook and skill base. After working a variety of jobs in carpentry, gallery design, festival decor production and even as a librarian, he moved to Bristol and began work as a D&T technician – assisting in teaching GCSE and A Level Product Design students. He absolutely love the alternative, friendly and creative attitude of Bristol and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

More About Barney

Why are kitchens important to Barney?

“A house needs a good kitchen; it’s a communal place that should be at the centre of any home. In the modern day when space is at a premium, kitchens have become multi-functional rooms, used for living, not just cooking. For me this offers an interesting opportunity for design and problem solving. The challenge is to utilise space efficiently whilst making a functional, beautiful and comfortable environment.”

What does Barney do in his spare time?

Barney has a busy social life and he is always out and about seeing friends. Possessing a broad love of music, he listens to anything from Folk to Disco and has collected LP records since his late teens. Barney now owns a worrying amount, with thousands of them slowly taking over his home.  To try put this to use, he regularly put on events around Bristol, DJing and event production. When not entertaining crowds, he can be found making furniture, drawing, painting, or at the pub sipping tasty ales.

When do you see Barney?

If you visit the workshop you are likely to see Barney making furniture on his bench next to his very lean jig wall.

We are open for online consultations so please do get in touch.