Ben Barrett

Ben has always been interested in woodwork. Since junior school he has thoroughly enjoyed projects where he uses his hands. He would often help his grandfather make various things, including a model canal boat. He decided to pursue this interest by completing an apprenticeship in cabinet making and his passion grew from there. Over the years he has gained skills and experience working with various cabinet makers whilst working on his own ventures.

More About Ben

Why are kitchens important to Ben?

“Cabinet making is important to me as it is a passion of mine. I love making freestanding furniture that can be a family heirloom, enjoyed for many years. I use my passion to create bespoke kitchens to suit individual needs, making them unique and tailored for each customer.”

What does Ben do in his spare time?

In his spare time Ben likes to go mountain biking on the trails at Cwmcarn and Forest of Dean. He also enjoys camping and walking, especially the Black Mountains as it is where he spent a lot of his childhood.

When do you see Ben?

If you have a tour of our workshop you are likely to see Ben making a kitchen surrounding by his beloved wood shavings.