Gianluca Dessena

Originally from Italy, Gianluca moved to England at the age of 16.  He worked in property maintenance for over five years, which helped him to develop a range of manual skills and he then worked towards a Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing. He always looks forward to taking his skills to the next level with Sustainable Kitchens.

Gianluca's Photo Reel

More About Gianluca

Why are kitchens important to Gianluca?

“Spending time in the kitchen with my family was a big part of growing up in Italy and was where my love of food and cooking began. The kitchen has always been the centre of my home and I really enjoy spending time there cooking recipes passed down through my family as well as trying out new ideas.”

What does Gianluca do in his spare time?

Gianluca loves to read, particularly crime and historical fiction. He also enjoys exploring new places, from cities to small countryside villages, and to try out new coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

When do you see Gianluca?

You will see Gianluca during an installation, he is the happiest chap around.

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