Honest Living Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Sustainable Kitchens. We are passionate about people, places and design. Our mission is to inspire a sustainable lifestyle. We very much look forward to working on your project with you.

We try to keep our Terms and Conditions as simple as possible. We rely on trusting relationships with our customers. Our aim is to provide a perfect experience creating your new kitchen.



This quotation is valid for thirty days. All prices are listed as tax exclusive, with VAT added to the final total at the end.

Appliances and worktop prices are subject to change. Please use these prices as an estimate only until the point of ordering. Quotations will be updated and prices confirmed in our final agreement.

Installation costs include all costs associated with installation, delivery, hand painting and working away. The quotation only provides an estimate of these costs, and is subject to change with any development or alteration related to the quotation.

We will honour cabinet prices for six months once a deposit has been paid. If an interim payment is not made within six months due to a manufacturing slot not being booked in with our workshop then the cabinet pricing is subject to change in line with any company price changes.

Honest Living Limited may vary the final contract price from the quotation by mutual agreement where products or services are different or in addition to those set out in the quotation.



If you agree to proceed based on this quotation, we will issue you with a series of invoices at staggered dates throughout your project. You only need to pay us once you have accepted our quotation, agreed to our Terms and Conditions, and received a digital invoice.

The first invoice will request a deposit of £3,000.00 for projects under £40,000, or £5,000.00 for any projects above. This payment is required in order to begin advanced project development as well as confirming manufacturing, delivery and installation dates. The deposit is non-refundable. 50% of the project cost will be due two weeks before we start building in the workshop, roughly six weeks before delivery. 30% of the project cost will be due two weeks before delivery and installation. If the installation date moves after it is confirmed with the company, Sustainable Kitchens reserves the right to charge 10% of the project value two weeks before the agreed date, with the remaining 20% being charged 2 weeks before the rescheduled installation. The final balance will be due upon completion of the project.

All invoices are based on the most up to date quotation we have for your project. Payments are due within fourteen days after invoicing. Invoices outstanding over thirty days are deemed to be overdue. We reserve the right to charge daily interest at 10% above the Bank of England base rate on the outstanding balance. You agree to refund Honest Living for any costs and expenses incurred in recovering payment if you fail to make payment in accordance with these terms and conditions.



Orders are not generally cancellable, but may be possible in writing or e-mail provided that all costs, expenses or other charges already incurred are reimbursed. We retain the right to utilise deposits paid to cover these costs. Any balance in excess will be returned to the customer.




We will give you a Guarantee Certificate on completion which provides thirty years protection for the original purchaser against workmanship and installation defects. This is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on appliances. In the event of accidental damage or faulty goods reported during installation we will arrange repair or replacement.


This guarantee does not cover any fault caused by installation if the installation was not completed by Honest Living, operating as Sustainable Kitchens. Installations provided by Honest Living are covered under the guarantee.


Product liability


We do not accept any liability for products not originally installed by us which may require alteration, modification or re-installing at your request.


Your obligations


We ask that you cooperate with us by arranging access at agreed dates and times agreed, and by supplying information as reasonably requested. You are responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions, licences and consents.


You are responsible for the correctness of all measurements for products or materials given to us.  Where these measurements are not correct and materials or products which are ordered, or provided by Honest Living, are the wrong size, you agree to pay for the expense of rectifying this.


You agree to clear the site of all furniture and property prior to us commencing work. This includes old kitchen units or fixtures, except where the quotation provides that we will remove these.


You agree to follow Honest Living’s reasonable instructions relating to safety and the state of work which has recently been completed by Honest Living or is in the process of being completed or to the state of the site in general, including directions and restrictions on appropriate usage, care and maintenance.

We are responsible for arranging the safe and lawful disposal of any waste materials which are generated or removed from the property as a result of our work. Unless the quotation specifies otherwise, you will be responsible for any cleaning and redecorating which is necessary after we have completed the agreed services.

If we store or keep materials or equipment on site, you are responsible for their security and safety and will account to Honest Living for any loss or damage.


Our obligations


We will manage and carry out the installation with reasonable care and skill, and accept responsibility for the standard of workmanship. We will comply with all relevant codes of practice, statutory and regulatory requirements, and are fully insured.


We will at all times hold a valid employer and public liability insurance policy, and will hold and keep up to date any and all licences or permits as may be required in order to provide the services.

We will take all reasonable steps to match our work to existing colours, finishes or other aesthetics as you request, but cannot fully guarantee any such match.

We will take all reasonable care with the property, including reasonable steps to protect your furnishings, wall and floor coverings, but cannot take responsibility for any damage which is caused.


Data Protection


We respect your privacy and comply with the Data Protection Act 2018. We will not disclose or pass personal details of customers to any third party.


Governing law and jurisdiction


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed exclusively in accordance with the Law of England and Wales.


Sustainable Kitchens is the trading name of Honest Living Ltd.

Company Registration No: 07162846. VAT Number:GB992073304. Registered Office: Honest Living Limited, Unit D4, AvondaleWorks, WoodlandWay, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 1PA, United Kingdom.

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