Joe Hoyle

Joe studied Art and Photography at college and completed a foundation year before moving to London to study photography. Joe loved photographing architecture and printing his own photographs in the darkroom. Shortly after moving back to Somerset, he enrolled in a City & Guilds Furniture Making course which gave him a good grounding in furniture making. Joe then decided he wanted to pursue this as a career and managed to secure a job at a woodworking firm relatively quickly where he was lucky enough to work on many varied projects from kitchens to architectural joinery.

More About Joe

Why are kitchens important to Joe?

“I have always enjoyed being involved in the making process of kitchens because good kitchens are a combination of design, practicality and aesthetics. I spend a lot of time cooking in our kitchen which is an original 1930’s design. It has a fold out table and ironing board which I think are great, as many contemporary kitchens have a need for clever space saving solutions, but few are as extreme as having a fold out dining table!”

What does Joe do in his spare time?

Joe and his partner enjoy visiting botanical gardens, the Berlin Botanical Gardens being our most recent highlight, and he is looking forward to a trip to Kew gardens soon. Recently Joe has started growing trees for Bonsai and he also grows cacti and succulents. There are many great pubs and breweries in Bristol which Joe enjoys visiting.

When do you see Joe?

If you ever visit our workshop you will meet Joe in final assembly putting together our furniture and applying final touches.

We are open for online consultations so please do get in touch.