Will Herriot

After graduating from Edinburgh University with a degree in Geology, Will jetted off to Western Australia as an Exploration Geologist. He became concerned about the impact the industry was having on the environment, so he moved home to pursue his love of woodwork. He retrained as a furniture maker, working across Devon, Bristol and the south west of England. He now uses his expertise in production engineering and project management here at Sustainable Kitchens.

Will's Photo Reel

More About Will

Why are kitchens important to Will?

“Kitchens are a focal point of any home, from brewing a coffee first thing in the morning to impressing your mates with your culinary skills. For me, the kitchen plays a pivotal role in everyday life.”

What does Will do in his spare time?

Will is a keen runner, surfer, climber and cyclist – basically anything that can be done outside. Will recently converted his van into a camper and spends most weekends exploring the south-west and beyond. If it rains, he can be found in his house with a paintbrush or hammer in hand.

When do you see Will?

You’ll find Will surveying your space or discussing any technical aspects of your project.

We are open for online consultations so please do get in touch.