Zoe Wilkins

Zoe is an expert in kitchen design, in particular, bespoke kitchen design. Architecture and design runs through the family, with Zoe following the family footsteps studying Bespoke Kitchen Construction and Cabinetry at Crabtree Kitchens. Zoe is a practical and creative designer, has several patents in her name and even ran her own bespoke business!

Zoe's Photo Reel

More About Zoe

Why are kitchens important to Zoe?

“I appreciate good design and functionality. The kitchen is often considered the most important area in the house and with open plan living now being so popular, it has become even more so. I enjoy the challenges, the practical and the aesthetic requirements in designing the ideal kitchen for each client. My own kitchen was once a small dark space in my 1950’s home and is now a large social space opening onto the garden so I appreciate how well the open-plan spaces really work”

What does Zoe do in her spare time?

Zoe loves anything retro or vintage! Zoe has many creative hobbies including, dressmaking, painting, playing the violin and is even the secretary of a local art group. For a few years, she has also served the local community by being a town councillor and chair of the chamber of commerce. Zoe likes to exercise regularly, take walks through the countryside and explore the outdoors in her newly restored camper van.

When do you see Zoe?

You will meet Zoe on design consultations or in the showroom working hard on great designs. 

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