Shaker Kitchens

A classic design brought right up to date, our beautiful Shaker Kitchens bring style and elegance into your home. Our expert designers can help you create a stunning kitchen inspired by the clean lines and simple beauty of the shaker architectural movement, whether it be traditional classic shaker or something with a more contemporary twist.

The Shaker movement has left a lasting legacy on the world of design. Their use of clean lines and carefully measured proportions created a sense of serenity in their buildings, and their focus on quality has helped their style to endure. The core shaker ideals of sustainable living, clean design and excellent craftsmanship translate beautifully into our modern homes.

White Shaker Kitchen with brass pendant lights and dark pine floor

Our Shaker Kitchens

At Sustainable Kitchens we can help you create a bespoke shaker kitchen that is sympathetic to this classic style while bringing a contemporary flow and function to your space. 

A shaker kitchen is one that relies on craftsmanship, not ornamentation, to impress. The master craftsmen in our workshop in Bristol are experts at creating a high quality finish that does justice to the beautiful materials we use in our cabinet construction.

The use of colour in a shaker kitchen is key. The Shakers themselves used tones that connected them to the earth, favouring autumnal oranges, Venetian reds and pale ochres to reflect the changing seasons of the land they farmed. Nowadays the colour palette has expanded to include rich blues, dark greens and natural hessians, and choosing a vibrant colour for your kitchen can be a wonderful way to make this classic design your own.


Shaker Kitchens: A History

Little has changed in the design of a Shaker kitchen since its conception back in the 1700s. The Christian subgroup, the Shakers, believed in modest values and conservative reserve. This is portrayed through the simplicity of their kitchens.

It was, in fact, the Shaker group who first attempted mass production of kitchen furniture in America. They managed this with such success that the Shaker name became synonymous with expertise and quality. The dovetail joints that we still use in our furniture were a hallmark of their style. 

The Shakers first rose to fame following the revolutionary war between the Americans and British. The Shaker style deliberately distanced itself the British and European styles which made it hugely popular with staunch colonionist supports. 

Thanks to their simplistic lines, the minimalist style and the flexibility of form it means that these kitchens can easily blend into any type of home, contemporary or otherwise.

Cosy Cotham Kitchen

Traditional Shaker

Our traditional kitchens incorporate the best of shaker design. Lines are sleek, clean and classic, with recessed panel cabinets and frames that scribe straight to the floor. We can work with you to seamlessly integrate modern fittings and appliances into this traditional setting, making sure that the spell of shaker simplicity isn’t broken.


Contemporary Shaker

Our designers love to take a classic design and bring it into the present day. Our contemporary shaker range is our most popular and with good reason, as it offer the same simplicity, quality, and craftsmanship that you get in all of our Sustainable Kitchens contemporary shaker kitchens but with a modern twist.

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