This September we would like to celebrate Bristol and all the wonderful things the city has to offer we will also be sharing events happening in the city. September is always a notoriously busy month, back to school and back to work after the summer, Bristol is always a buzz and there are some great events including Bristol Open Doors for everyone to get involved with.

Bristol Open Doors 2018 14th – 16th of September – Projects Championing sustainability & the community.

Bristol Open Doors 2018 allows you to take a journey through the city and peek inside buildings and spaces that aren’t normally open to the public. You can discover hidden gems from the bizarre to the beautiful. We’ve picked out a few highlights of projects to visit that champion Sustainability and the Bristol Community.

The full list for Bristol Open Doors can be seen here.

Bristol Waste Company – Pre-book – Plastic and re-cycling being a hot topic at the moment, talk of banning single-use plastics in the UK, this will allow you to better understand the ins and outs of recycling in Bristol. Having been on a recycling tour myself it is absolutely fascinating and there is so much for the whole family to learn.

We Can Make Home – Drop In – Visit TAM to see how an exciting new citizen-led approach to development has built an innovative low-carbon, prefabricated timber and straw home.

Blaise Community Garden – Drop In- The amazing volunteers on site to teach you about the beautiful Victorian Walled Garden, their organic gardening, community growing and the importance of sustainability.

Food for Thought – Pre-book – A walking tour looking at how the food shapes the city and vice-versa, it will be a deliciously informative walk through the historic centre and into Bristol’s edible past, present and future.

The Courtyard – Drop In – Take a look inside a zero carbon self-build co-housing project where sustainable homes connect to a flourishing community garden.

The Hill, The Yard, The Street – Pre-book -Ecomotive will explain how they turned a dilapidated industrial yard into a beautiful, biodiverse and vibrant community housing project, and give insights into a new, even bigger project at a 3.5 acre farm.

Triodos Bank – Pre-Book – Hear from green and ethical bankers Triodos about the careful planning and research that shaped this most sustainable of office buildings. See how work spaces have been conceived to promote a sense of community. Visit the living wall and rooftop garden, part of the #MyWildCity initiative.

There are many other wonderful events for the whole family to get involved in, the full listings can be seen here.

Other Initiatives this September
Heritage Open Doors – Heritage Open Days

Organic September run by the soil association – #chooseorganic

Sourdough September, an initiative by the Real Bread Campaign

British Food Fortnight –

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