Celebrating National Nest Box Week!

Sometimes things just fall into place. Last week one of the delivery drivers from our supplier Sterling, Mike ‘Masher’ Ash, brought us something extra on his delivery. He brought us a few bird boxes that he makes with the offcuts we give him. He makes these in his spare time and had a few extra so decided to give them to us as a thank you for providing offcuts. It was such a thoughtful gesture we decided to showcase his work on our blog! Talking to Mike a bit more we found out that lamisil buy online he’s an artist in his own right. Besides bird boxes he also makes toys and gardening ornaments, all from offcuts! He gets other offcuts from other companies he delivers too saving lots of waste material and creating things that also benefit the environment. It just so happens that this is National Nest Box Week, which focuses on the importance of bird conservation, so we’re celebrating it by showcasing Mike’s talented woodworking skills. Thanks Mike, for all of your hard work, commitment to sustainability and the environment while always having a sunny disposition.

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