Grand Designs Live: 3 of our favourite sustainable ideas

Jeremy, who heads up our illustrious team of designers, was invited to last week’s Grand Designs Live as the event’s expert in kitchen design. With so many sustainable ideas being floated and tested at the show, it’s safe to say we were in our element. These are the three that really stood out to us.


Lighting: Voronoi from Tala

Photo credit: Tala

You know as well as we do: a carefully considered lighting concept can transform a kitchen. We loved the creative efforts from lighting specialists Tala, who have launched their Voronoi range of bulbs.

The range is inspired by the mathematical patterns found in nature, and its distinguishable shape is derived from the unique voronoi arrangements you might see in forest canopies.

The team at Tala started the design process by 3D printing a series of voronoi structures in resin and simulating the natural erosion process, soothing down the sharp lines to arrive at a subtle, organic shape. A custom-built LED filament curves around a central column, which is intended to mirror the Fibonacci formations you’d find in pine cones on the forest floor. We loved how the light is reflected and refracted, giving it a beautiful golden glow.

Appliances: Drumi from Yirego

Photo credit: Yirego

A foot-powered washing machine using zero electricity and very little water? Ideal. It only takes five minutes to wash and spin dry a 2kg load, too. Washing machines can use up a surprising amount of energy, so this zero-energy option is a welcome alternative.

Art: MusicCloth from Rehyphen

Photo credit: Rehyphen

We love creating something beautiful from materials that might otherwise have been discarded. You only need to visit our workshop to see that in action (in fact, you can book a visit here).

It’s a priority for Jessica Chuan and the craftivists at Rehyphen, too. They’ve started an initiative whereby they rescue old cassettes and video tapes from going to landfill, extract the film and weave it into a cloth material. Using a basket weaving technique, it’s durable, water-resistant and always unique. From there, they can create bags, artworks and even Moleskine notepads.


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