Eco Extension Shaker Kitchen with light up pantry, sourdough bread and exposed appliances

5 Larder Cupboard Ideas For Your Kitchen Design

It was the comeback we were all thankful for – The larder.

Way back, when the larder was a necessity it was usually an adjoining room with storage for dried goods to keep your dairy and meat cool – Phased out by the fridge-freezer.

In most recent projects, we are designing larder spaces into the majority of kitchens at our clients’ requests. Not only do they bring a traditional feel back into your home; they house extra storage, spice racks, wide shelves, sturdy drawers and additional workspace.

In line with the home cooking trends, the larder allows you to store and display all your dried goods making your kitchen a tidier space whilst also reducing those shopping bills (whilst you can see exactly what you have!).

Our larders here at Sustainable Kitchens are bespoke to your needs. It’s the perfect mix of drawers, shelves, workspace and racks.  

There are plenty of larder options out there, here are a few options;

Single Slimline Larder

View of pull out shelves in larder cabinet

This single larder is perfect for a corner or between tall cabinetry. The inside is bespoke to you, with options of pull out drawers, flat shelves, and adjustable heights. Here, the pull out drawers run the entire length ensure that nothing will get left in the back with two stationary shelves.

The single larder is big enough for you to store appliances and things you may want to be hidden away; from a bread maker to a slow cooker, all neatly tucked away with the satisfying feeling of closing the door when you are finished. 

They look great in contemporary, flat panel kitchens with a focus on minimalism and clean lines. 

Half Larder

Oak shaker kitchen with open larder cupboard with internal LED lighting

The half larders are a popular choice, they pack a lot into a small space.

Often seen on top of countertops, or additional drawer units, they are a great necessity to any kitchen to hide away and neatly store all your necessities. The half larder can also be used to house additional worktop space, for times like Christmas when you need it the most. This can be in the form of static worktops which we usually see store the microwave and kitchen aids, or we can even be used for additional worktop space for extra chopping or serving room. 

The solid wood and beautiful interiors mean they are not just attractive from the outside. Here our doors are working extra hard and housing spice racks to be easily accessible without routing to the back of shelves for the right pot. 

Double Larder

Built in larder cabinet with spice racks and internal drawers

The double larder works perfectly in a shaker kitchen, continuing the classic, traditional look to your home. 

Often used for their additional workspace, a tea station and store cupboard for breadbins, pots and baking equipment – Ultimately keeping the rest of the kitchen clutter-free. Housing special hinges to allow them to be opened at 180-degree angles, they making storing and finding kitchen essentials easy. 

At Sustainable kitchens, we listen to your needs. We make the larder bespoke to you based on your lifestyle and needs of the kitchen. 

Freestanding Larder

Freestanding larder example

Similar design to the double, but a great option for those needing additional storage, but not quite ready to renovate the whole kitchen quite just yet. 

With bespoke details such as wooden crates for fruit and veg, or large deep drawers for pots and pans, we can make the design yours. 

Walk-In Larder

In one of our more recent projects, we created a walk-in-larder. The space is used for prepping, baking and storing food whilst keeping all appliances tucked away so the rest of the kitchen is clean and clutter-free – It’s really quite magnificent. 

MANOR FARM KITCHEN - With walk in pantry in farrow and ball railings colour

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