Larder Cupboard

With the Great Ketchup Debate of 2017 heating up, it’s made us think about the need for a larder cupboard or pantry. We might be a bit bias but we love a good larder cupboard. There are many benefits to splashing out on a larder. It’s one of the most flexible types of cupboards you can have. You can customise it suit your lifestyle and needs with a mix of drawers, shelves and spice racks. One of the biggest benefits of having a larder cupboard is that it can store the equivalent of a few wall or base cabinets. And if you think larders are just for food you’d be wrong! They can store small appliances, serve as an extra worktop or work as a tea or breakfast station. They don’t always require a lot of space either. You can have a slim or single larder with just one door or a half larder that sits on a worktop. If you do have space though a double larder is worth every penny. Here are a few options for a larder cupboard:

Single Slimline Larder

View of pull out shelves in larder cabinet
This single larder is perfect for a corner. The pull out drawers that run the entire length ensure that nothing will get left in the back of cupboard. The food can be arranged to most used to occasional and seldom used according to height. The two stationary shelves can be used for plates or other delicate items that would not benefit from being moved around. If you had lots of appliances you could use this space to store them. From a bread maker to a slow cooker all of your appliances could be neatly tucked away in this cupboard.

Half Larder

Oak shaker kitchen with open larder cupboard with internal LED lighting
This half larder packs a lot into a small space. It manages to store a couple of appliances while also providing a worktop as an extra work surface. The doors work extra hard by housing shelves on the inside. This particular larder was quite interesting because it had a vent to the outside in order for it to stay cool in the summer. The LED lighting is also a bonus providing illumination when the doors are opened.

Double Larder

Built in larder cabinet with spice racks and internal drawers
This double larder with its adjustable shelving is perfect for storing larger items like soup pots and bread bins. It could be used to as a tea station or breakfast bar with all the milk and cereal, bread and jam stored in one place ready for the morning. The spice racks on either side of the door are another clever way of making the most out of the space.  The pull out drawers are quite shallow but could be used for storing baking equipment or table linens. Because larders are customisable you could choose to have two extra deep drawers instead of shallow ones depending on your needs.

Freestanding Larder

Freestanding larder example
One option for those needing extra storage but not ready to change the whole kitchen is a freestanding larder cupboard. This example that we are currently working on for a client is simple yet beautiful. The spice racks on the door are again space savers. The wooden crates on the bottom offer enough ventilation to store fruit and veg. Freestanding larders are also a great option because they can be painted to fit the rest of your cabinetry making it look uniform.

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