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How to recycle your old kitchen (and tackle ‘single-use culture’)

Sustainability isn’t just about materials; it’s about processes, too. We’ve always found that donating produces a win:win scenario (we donate our substantial offcuts to the Scrapstore charity, which you can read about here).

When you’re considering recycling your old kitchen, take a look at Freecycle. Just as you’re getting a new kitchen installed, you can help another home upgrade, while saving your pre-loved cabinetry from landfill.

Here’s a story about one of our previous client’s old kitchen, and how it was upcycled to bring joy to a new home.

But first: what is Freecycle?

The Freecycle Network™ is a great nonprofit movement that offers millions of members a chance to reuse and re-home other people’s unwanted items at no cost.

We love it because it prevents the waste and disposal of these items in landfills across the world. For our clients, we remove old kitchens as whole, reusable pieces and offer them to the Freecycle community for not cost.

But even if you’re not having a Sustainable Kitchens kitchen installed in your home, it’s easy to arrange for yourself. Here’s one example.

A Sustainable Kitchens x Freecycle case study


Although their old kitchen was perfectly functional, our client was looking for something that was better-suited to their home.

Our client was ready to update their kitchen with a look that was more suited to their space. It was perfectly functional, so we thought it would be an enormous shame not to get some more life out of it.


Our client’s old kitchen finds a new home in a renovation project down the road!

Knowing we were going to recycle it, we were extra careful when stripping it from the original room. We then listed the kitchen in a local group on the Freecycle website, and it wasn’t long before it was snapped up. Re-homed in a renovation project, it created the perfect new kitchen space to play host to a new family’s memories.

This kind of recycling is a perfect way to counter ‘single-use culture’. Whatever you’re looking to get rid of, take a look at Freecycle first.

Happy Freecycling!

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