The Natural Home: how to get the look

When it comes to decor, the natural look is a timeless classic. As we saw last week, interior designers are making sure it’s not just the look that’s natural, but the materials, too. 

We were recently lucky enough to finish working on the eco-kitchen of Natasha Ginks from Renovate Green, and while we’re keeping the finished look under wraps for now (scroll down and subscribe to the blog to be the first to see it!), rest assured: we worked with her to ensure her kitchen embraced natural textures and materials to a beautiful effect.

If, like Natasha, you want to inject a little nature into your home, here are some helpful tips to achieve a head-turning look.

Sophistication carved from finest wood

Wooden elements sit front and centre of a natural decorative palette. From exposed floorboards and beams to wooden kitchen cabinetry, and from decoration made out of reclaimed wood to timber veneer, almost every surface in your space can have a natural finish.

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Depending on the overall colour palette, you can use wood in either a glossy or matte finish (but don’t mix the two). This is a helpful list of fine woods that will blend in nicely with the natural home. 

Sustainable Kitchens Showroom with tall larder storage cabinet and internal spice racks

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As strong and stylish as natural stone

The vine house modern kitchen with conrete worktops and natural stone flooring

Another material that occupies a prominent place in natural decor, stone can look slick and beautiful as flooring (like in The Vine House, above), countertops, accent walls or mantelpieces. One major advantage of stone over other construction materials is its longevity, so interior designers who aim to achieve a stylish effect often use it both indoors and outdoors for a well-rounded look.

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Overgrown with leaves and flowers

Grand Grey Shaker Kitchen with living area opening onto the garden with slatted wooden planters and outdoor seating

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Natural elements, such as potted plants or miniature botanical gardens add personality, charm, and breeziness to the home feel. Succulents and cacti aren’t going anywhere, and playfully scattering them around the kitchen, home office and living room will help to keep the air fresh and pollutant-free.

Make sure it’s light and airy

Contemporary kitchen with walk in larder and David Hunt copper lights

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Abundant sunlight is natural décor’s best friend, so if you want to take your home vibes to the ultimate organic level, pull back the drapes or install rattan or bamboo shades. Curtains made from jute, canvas, linen, and homespun will render an airy ambiance to the room, so opt for light textiles if you wish to maximise use of natural light and visually expand indoor space.

An integral component of trending home décors such as Scandinavian, shabby chic, vintage, Japanese, African, and country style, the natural look makes a powerful design statement and add aesthetic value to property. The best thing about natural décor is that it will never go out of fashion, so you should definitely take this style into serious consideration when redoing your private space next time.

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